Insolvency law

We advise companies, their legal representatives and supervisory bodies as well as entrepreneurs in their own times of crisis and in difficult business relationships. In doing so, we look ahead, but also left and right in order to keep an eye on all risks and liability aspects. Interfaces to corporate law are of major importance here. We advise companies on how to deal with customers in economic difficulties, on how to safeguard a distressed business relationship and how to take preparatory measures in the event that challenges under insolvency law, or a personal liability of members of a board of directors or a supervisory board or a managing director is to be expected.

If a customer or supplier of our client is (imminently) insolvent, we represent our clients vis-à-vis the insolvency administrator and assert all conceivable rights (rights of exclusion and separation from collateral).  If repayment claims or claims for the return of property are asserted, we defend our clients against such claims.

If our client is in crisis, we advise shareholders and legal representatives as well as supervisory bodies on necessary measures or a business reorganization. In doing so, we draw on the expertise of selected and experienced economists or restructuring consultants from our network. If the business or a part thereof is to be sold, we are at your side with our transaction experience.

In insolvency law, time is of the essence. We are fast and experienced. We advise without ifs and buts. We are your competent and committed partner, especially on the following topics:

  • Advice in critical business situations
  • Defense against insolvency avoidance or directors’ and officers’ liability claims (liability of management boards and supervisory boards, representatives of foundations and cooperatives, directors’ liability)
  • Duties of executive bodies in the crisis
  • Distressed M&A
  • International solutions, aspects and possibilities of group insolvency
  • Claims against D&O insurers
  • Defense against other liability claims (insolvency administrators and other
  • Business reorganizations (continuation forecasts, reorganization concepts)

The life cycle of a company is characterized by changes. Crises and turnarounds are often just as much a part of it as successes and expansions. A change in legislation or political crises are sometimes enough to prompt massive changes. In particular for owner-operated and family-run companies, change may also mean having to let go. There are no standards here, only the right solution for your company and the people behind it. We support you every step of the way.

Even with perfect planning, disputes or questions of board liability cannot always be avoided, especially in times of crisis. Remember: There must always be someone to blame. Disputes are not only nerve-racking, but also costly and protracted. Preparation and speed are often crucial here.

No matter what problem you have to solve: we always represent and advise you with professional dedication and common sense in order to achieve the optimal result for you.