Ferox Legal has a strong focus on litigation law. This includes arbitration proceedings. We have diverse experience and have years of experience as party counsel and judges. References:

  • Post M&A proceedings under DIS rules in connection with the acquisition of an OEM.
  • Various proceedings in sports law, inter alia in connection with the revocation of professional league licenses or anti-doping

Our advisory approach is primarily aimed at avoiding court proceedings through efficient and goal-oriented negotiation and well-drafted contracts. If, nevertheless, legal or arbitration disputes arise, we stand by our clients.

Pre-court strategy consulting

Pre-court strategy consulting to prepare for escalations. Advice during contract negotiations on the favorable choice of courts/arbitration tribunals in individual cases, in particular with regard to the enforceability of judgments/arbitration decisions and the applicable law. Anticipatory drafting of particularly conflictual contractual provisions.


Representation in arbitration proceedings in the areas of:

  • Post-M&A disputes
  • Professional liability (D&O, liability of managing directors, board members and supervisory board members)
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Disputes between corporate bodies
  • Warranty and product liability
  • Commercial and distribution law disputes
  • Disputes under real estate law
  • Insolvency disputes (avoidance of insolvency, representation of creditors)
  • International civil disputes
  • Transportation disputes


Acting as a judge in national and international arbitration courts, assuming the office of an arbitrator (e.g. DIS, ICC, LCIA), conducting arbitration proceedings before international institutions (e.g. DIS, ICC, LCIA).

Complex litigation

Organization and defense or structuring of mass proceedings (e.g., model determination or association actions, liability or warranty actions, capital investor actions or proceedings of consumer associations), strategic handling of complex issues (e.g., concerning international law), also as second expert.


Insolvency law