Professional liability

We advise consultants who are subject to professional liability risks: notaries, lawyers, tax advisors, auditors and insolvency administrators. People make mistakes. So do our clients. We are experts in liability issues and advise you without ifs and buts.
In an increasingly complex environment, professionals often have to answer questions involving high liability risks. If they are then accused of mistakes, their professional and economic existence may quickly be jeopardized. Especially if gross negligence is claimed or the coverage of the professional liability insurance turns out to be insufficient.
If experienced consultants become clients, professional and routine handling of the matter is key so that the client can continue to pursue his routine business. We can do this because of our long-standing experience.
We support professionals and their firms with all our experience and expertise in individual case law, especially in liability and recourse claim proceedings.

We are your competent and dedicated contact in particular for the following topics:

  • Preventive measures: Drafting of compensation and limitation of liability agreements
  • Defense against claims for damages against members of the liberal professions (expect medical malpractice)
  • Analysis of insurance policies

The professional life cycle of a consultant is characterized by change. An overlooked change in legislation is sometimes enough to trigger liability risks. Especially consultants of clients in crisis (legal and tax advisors or auditors) sometimes operate in borderline areas. Even with perfect planning, disputes or liability issues cannot always be avoided. Remember: there always has to be someone to blame. Disputes are not only nerve-racking, but also costly and protracted. Preparation and speed are often crucial here. But as a consultant, you know this best.

No matter what problem you have to solve: we always represent and advise you with professional dedication and common sense in order to achieve the optimum result for you.

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