Dispute Solution

Our consulting approach is primarily aimed at avoiding court proceedings through efficient and goal-oriented negotiation and well-drafted contracts. We develop goals and negotiation strategies as early as possible and implement them. Without any compromise.

We develop a pre-litigation risk assessment with you, also in the case of threatened collective complaints (Model Declaratory Action or Class Action).

We also offer pre-court strategy advice to prepare for potential conflicts or escalations as well as advice during contract negotiations on a favorable choice of venue/arbitration tribunal in individual cases, in particular with regard to the enforceability of judgments/arbitration awards and the applicable law. And of course we also use painstaking care in the aticipatory drafting of particularly conflict-prone contractual provisions.

  • Contract negotiations with a particular view to contentious aspects.
  • Development of appropriate arbitration, choice of law and jurisdiction clauses.
  • Legal review to define enforceable objectives
  • Development of clear negotiation strategies
  • Examination of the admissibility of legal actions, taking into account existing arbitration clauses

We have a wide range of experience from mediation and arbitration proceedings, but also as arbitrators and representatives of parties in arbitration proceedings. Especially in the case of imminent complex disputes, class actions or disputes threatening the existence of the company, the involvement of experienced conflict advisors at a very early stage is advisable.

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